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If the continuous presence of primitive capital accumulation, the production process stops; Each crisis is headed to being constantly.

The legitimacy of hunting is an inverted deviation to the peacock’s peaceful march as a rational march of development of the human population. Janocyte is the forecasting of development. Therefore, national armed forces are indispensable for those who hold the capital. The armed forces do not only protect the capital owners from the angry rebellions of the paid workers where they exploit. At the same time, the loot, exile and murders give the holy greaser, the mesgia, the preliminary capital by beating the gates of foreigners who resist or resist.

The footprints of the national armies are footprints of progress. This patriotic armies were the seventh in the world and is still so. Wolf in these armies, the lamb is flying with spider. In these armies, the exploited worker is friendly with the exploiters, it is friendly with the villagers, is a friendly, cheated in the heart, it is a deceitful, is the product of a relationship, not lovingly, is the product of a relationship, which is thought of hate, is considered to be the potential sources of pre-capital, considered as hearts. with a hate.

Human communities with a variety of feathers and beliefs of the birds are employed, looted, and at the end, the mind is destroyed that the mind will not take dreams. Clothes and hand processing of the destructed communities are collected as a booty and exhibited in museums as additional symptoms of the forward walk; Destroy beliefs and menstruation enters the research subjects of a science belonging to the employees. Hand-held fields, forests and animals, booty and preliminary capital, are brought together as the prerequisites of the production process and the fields are converted to farms, trees, animals, animals, mines, ammunition, survivors, people in cheap labor. The operation of the natural industrial complexes, the pre-condition, cornerstone and basis of the world of the world, the operated nature, offices and parks of the military industrial complexes.

Nationalism, taming workers and the looting of foreigners are so suitable for the bilateral task, which is attractive to everyone who has stitched a part of the capital.

The 19th century, especially in the second half, all deposited capital owners, who speak their own native languages ​​and discover their roots between the rural people who can be mobilized to the religion of their father’s religion. It was a very cynical attitude to the hearing of a nationalism, because they did not have roots between the relatives of their mothers and fathers: they had found the salvation in accumulation, adore their investment, prices and cost calculations were speaking. However, if there are Americans and the French, and the French people, loyal binds, customers and consumers, they learned that they can act as loyal catholics, orthodox or protestants. Languages, religions and menstruation could serve the soldering material used to establish the nation-state.

The soldering material was not the target, but the vehicle. The aim of the national existence was not to develop national economies, but the national economies, to develop national economies, to turn the countryside in population, workers and soldiers, mothers, mines and factories and dynastics to the capitalist to capitalist enterprises. Neither the national army, neither the utensil, what ammo, neither the utility, national army.

Accumulation and investments, market research and cost calculations, rationalist old middle classes have become dominated obsession.

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