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The examiner of the examination had left us to leave us on our own hall. During the exam, I have forgotten the writener of the “Tongue” in English, “Tongue” in the English language, and I asked the English girl next to me, how was the spelling of this word. The British girl looked as if I was in an inappropriate offer, and then he looked at me and then he couldn’t do this help, because he said it is contrary to the rules. Moreover, the woman who was served as the exam did not have mentioned such a rule. I’m sure the ladder was there at the time, and if I asked him that, he would show him the right writing of that word.

Multiple thirty seven years backwards, took me to Kabatas High School. Under the fly-blowing haze gaze of the algebirci “Mayk. Here was a mirror of the “individual”, which has become a robot of the upper power, in which the British daughter, the West has internalized, individual will and power. It’s the most african of absolute power. Power based on the volunteer.

In this case, Şükrü’s “totalitarian regime” and “liberal democracy” statements used by Şukrü ARGIN. In the light of what they explain, which regime is more totalitarian, which regulations come out. Moreover, the number of “totalitarian” regimes in the classical sense is increasingly reduced and the most oppressive regimens, as the “Totalitarian” and “Democratic” classification of today’s hegemonic ruling structure, as they classify the forms of power, now, in my opinion, in the form of “liberal, democratic, parliament”. will not make any other meaning than to help with groovism. In this respect, in this brief post that I am trying to address some aspects of power structures in a much more micro plan, I will approach the macro or microprocessing of all the power in the microprocess.

State power rises above the focus of the ruling in millions of large-sided. Each organization is a large or small focus of power around it. Each power focus needs an ideology in order to keep the existence. Generally, the focus of power or organizations are born before their ideologies necessary for them to live and form their ideologies later. The focus of the organization or power may have to make significant changes in the ideology in time. The line may not remain almost no similarities between the ideology in the first emergence of the organization as a result of the changes that occur in later years. But the organization is the same organization again. In this case, Turkey can give the best examples from the history of the left movement, and the sea Gezmiş THKO the ideological structure established by his friends, is no longer almost no resemblance between the ideological structure of the party born from this tradition today. Although this large change and alike in ideology becomes alike, organizational tradition is almost the same with their staff and rituals.

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